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We are proud to announce the 2014 update to the Transportation Site Impact Handbook! 

We’ve renamed the document to Transportation Site Impact Handbook to help differentiate between other traffic analysis guides.

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has developed these guidelines to assist FDOT staff in their review of developments. While this handbook is primarily for FDOT staff, it is available to local governments and other transportation partners in an effort to communicate the FDOT’s guidance for reviewing various documents.

The purpose of this document is to guide the professional through the current generally accepted professional practice.This should assist in making better decisions for the study of the transportation impacts of new developments. It should also help the professional understand the existing statutes, rules, and policies of FDOT. However, unless a rule, statute, or standard is referenced, the material inside is to be used for guidance by professionals.

We recommend saving the handbook to your computer. The hyperlinks will open documents in a separate browser window, allowing you to easily switch between the Handbook and the resources.

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